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Red’s Closet Unleashed Boutique L.L.C., is an online shopping experience for the Xtraordinary Woman. The Boutique was created by Sonya Webb, also known as (Red Sonya), in an effort to provide affordable consignment apparel to women, who may be just settling into their careers or in pursuit of their dream job. Her online store specializes in plus size clothing, and accessories to include hats, shoes and selected jewelry pieces. The Boutique will also feature regular women size apparel and selected menswear and accessories. As a Human Resource professional, Sonya Webb the Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has over 30 years of Federal experience, and in that time she has seen the trend change in apparel and is driven to bring class and professionalism back to the work place. Her selection of styles can be dressed up for the workplace or dressed down for a night out on the town by adding a jacket, a belt or a beautiful scarf. So grab your girls and enjoy this shopping experience and “Unleash” the Xtraordinary Woman in you!!

My Vision: "To Embrace the Brand in You; Living Xtraordinary!"

“You are your own brand.” “You are a walking and talking billboard, and you have to be mindful of what you’re displaying to the world. As a motivational speaker, author and philanthropist, Sonya encourages people to Live out Loud, daring them to live their best lives! Her debut motivational speech entitled “Polished, Poised and Professional” aligned with her vision for Red’s Closet Unleashed Boutique. Red’s Closet Unleashed Boutique has allowed her to tap into her creative business mind. Her goal is to Unleash Red’s Closet to the World. She’s already paid the price, so for a fraction of the cost you can focus on being

Xtraordinary! So the question is, “what are you displaying?” As a co-author in the series, Everybody Needs a Little Transformational Lifestyle Content (TLC) 90 Days of Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth. Sonya continues to PUSH you into your Xtraordinary Authentic Self, with you first acknowledging that this journey "belongs to you!" 

Shop with Us!!!


It’s nothing like being cute on vacation, so grab a hat and sundress from her Closet and feast your eyes upon the amazing infrastructures across this vast land. On a recent visit to Milan, the Fashion Capital of the World, she was in awe of the most creative and respected designers in the world and it was truly amazing and one of her best shopping experiences. Some of these very items are featured in Red’s Closet Unleashed Boutique. Her expectation is that you will wear these clothes all over the world. We look forward to you “Unleashing” the Xtraordinary Woman in You.

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